Nick Kinnred (kinnred) wrote,
Nick Kinnred

A Couple of Strings

Just have a look at starry sky
Inhale its sparkling lights inside
And you will feel, how much I miss you
May be you'll write a couple of strings
Sign it below with a kiss
Right on a corner of a tissue

Write what is fate, how does it work,
What have you seen then in New York,
In San Francisco and LA,
I'll follow you through rise and falls
Through lustrous streets and rabbit holes
Even when I'm this far away

Reach out your hand from seashore grace
Where waves are picking up their pace
Let them take bottle with your words
Ripping apart the dawn's veil
The storm will bring it to my sail
As I've been promised by the Lord

Sometimes I sing and play guitar
Or hanging out in a bar
When this world fails to give me wings
Sometimes I feel inspired to rhyme
Somehow it helps me spend my time
Waiting for you to pull my strings

If you would look at stary sky,
Let it enlight you from inside,
Then you would feel, how much I miss you...
May be you'd write a couple of strings
And seal with blessing of your kiss
On a perfumed rose-tinted tissue

Nick Kinnred, 25/09/2013
Tags: music, poetry, state of mind, поэзия

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